Nova Scotian Author

Nova Scotia By Chance

In this debut novel we are introduced to Ira and Merry Stewart and their sons Gideon and John. Set in Ireland in the mid 1800's the Stewart family are tenant farmers of a 5 acre parcel of land where they eke out a meager existence just like there neighbors around them relying heavily on potatoes as a staple crop.

The great potato famine hits devastating the community causing some to pack up and sail to America. The first family to leave is Ira's brother Samuel and his wife. Through correspondence between the two families over the following year information is shared that makes it possible for others to find the courage to follow them to "Irish Town", in New York City. One year after his brother's departure Ira, Merry and the boys leave everything behind and, along with other families from the community, set out for New York. Their plans are thwarted however when, due to Merry's I'll health, they are put ashore on a beach in Nova Scotia near Chester Basin where the settled.

'Castaways'is the story of courage, faith, commitment and love of God, family and community. The Stewart family are leaders in their church and community because of their unwavering belief in God's daily protection, guidance and care. Peppered with poignant Biblical text and powerful personal prayers relevant to each specific situation and circumstance, we walk with this family and community through one of the most catastrophic events in Irish history. 

Touching, heartwarming and memorable. - Dale Kelly-Burke.

Greg O'Reilly wrote:

Read your book in one sitting on the plane. It is a great book  [🤗]
It's an easy read that keeps you interested and is a breath of fresh air.
Most of all the book honours God [🙏]
It also gives readers a model family , a husband and wife who deeply love and bless each other. 
I look forward to the next book

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